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1Order dated 09/04/21 for Application for Interim Relief Review of Tariff dated 11 Nov 2020 passed in Pet No. 1595 1596 1597 1598 and 1594 2020 for truing up tariff in Petition no 1668/2021 and Petition number 1674 of 2021PetitionsNos-1668of2021(RimjhimIspat)&1674of2021(GinniFilaments)--pdf49202112043PM.pdf2 
2Order dated 08/04/21 for Petition Number 1656 of 2020 - UPPTCL vs UPPCL - True Up petition for FY 2019-20, APR for FY 2020-21 and ARR Tariff Petition For FY 2021-22 for UPPTCL in Petition no 1656/2021UPPTCLAdmittanceOrder-pdf49202111817PM.pdf2 
3Order dated 08/04/21 for Petition Number 1687 1688 1689 1690 1691 of 2021 - UPPCL DISCOMS - True-up for FY 2019-20, APR for FY 2020-21 and ARR & Tariff Petition for FY 2021-22 for second year control period from FY 2020-21 to FY 2024-25 in Petition no 1687/2021UPPCLAdmittanceOrder-pdf48202160358PM.pdf2 
4Order dated 07/04/21 for Petition Number 1694 of 2021 - Alaknanda Hydro Power Company Ltd vs UPPCL - Review of order dated 08 Feb 21 passed by Commission in Petition No 1401 of 2019 and 1628 of 2020 determining the tariff for FY 2021-22 pertaining to the 330 MW Shrinagar Hydro electric Project for the 1st Control Period 2015-19 under the UPERC Generation Tariff Regulation 2014 in Petition no 1694/20211694_Order-pdf47202163306PM.pdf2 
5Order dated 06/04/21 for Approval of Additional Capitalization in Petition no 1390/2018 - Rosa Power Supply Company Ltd. vs UPPCL1390-pdf47202142955PM.pdf2 
6Order dated 09/03/21 for Application for Interim Relief Review of Tariff dated 11 Nov 2020 passed in Pet No. 1595 1596 1597 1598 and 1594 2020 for truing up tariff in Petition no 1668/2021 and 1674 of 2021OrderofRimjhimIspat&GinniFilamentsdt9March2021-pdf41202112322PM.pdf2 
7Order dated 31/03/21 for Gomti Pollution Control Unit-III(E&M) vs UPPCL - Petition No. 1463/2019 - Review Petition of Order dated 10.04.2019 In petition No. 1385 of 2019 in Petition no 1463/2019Pt-no-1463of2020GomtiPollution-26-03-2021(1)-pdf331202143544PM.pdf2 
8Order dated 26/03/21 for Petition Number 1624 of 2020- India Glycols Limited vs UPPCL - Seeking clarification on settlement of unutilized banked power carry forwarded from FY 18-19 to FY 2019-20 settlement of banked power done from April 2019 in Petition no 1624/2020Pt-no-1624of2020IndiaGlycolsLtd--26-03-2021-pdf331202134539PM.pdf2 
9Order dated 30/03/21 for Petition Number 1660 of 2020 - Maa Kaila Foundaries Pvt Ltd vs UPPCL - Application for Interim Relief in Petition no 1660/2020MaaKailaOrder-pdf3312021105830AM.pdf2 
10Order dated 30/03/21 for Petition Number 1618 of 2020 - Indian Railways vs UPPTCL - Seeking the intervention of the UPERC facing exorbitant high charges at the behest of UPSLDC despite there being no provisions for such a recovery being affected by them. in Petition no 1618/2020IndianRailwaysOrder-pdf3312021105913AM.pdf2 
11Order dated 30/03/21 for 1625 of 2020 - Binjj Systems Private Ltd vs UPPCL - Grant of Connectivity of the Intra State Transmission System Regulation 2010 in Petition no 1625/2020BinjjSystemOrderr-pdf3312021105751AM.pdf2 
12Order dated 26/03/21 for Petition Number 1659 of 2020- Pinnacle Renewable Energy Private limited vs UPPCL - Seeking Declaratory and Consequential Reliefs from the Commission in Petition no 1659/2020Pt-no-1659of2020PinnacleRenewableEnergy-26-03-2021-pdf326202152206PM.pdf2 
13Order dated 26/03/21 for Petition Number 1626 of 2020 - Superior Industries Limited vs UPPCL - Application for Interim Relief in Petition no 1626/2020Pt-no-1626of2020SuperiorIndustriesLtd-26-03-2021-pdf326202152152PM.pdf2 
14Order dated 25/03/21 for Petition No 1683 of 2021 - Kesar Enterprise Ltd vs UPPCL - Direction to Respondent to Honor the terms of PPA with regard to payment of bills by the petitioner along with up to date surcharge in Petition no 1683/20211683-pdf325202145401PM.pdf2 
15Order dated 23/03/21 for Petition Number 1606 of 2020 - Seeking approval of RFS and PPA for procurement of Power through Tariff Based Competitive Bidding Process from small capacity (0.5 MW to 2 MW) Grid Connected Solar PV Power Projects to be implemented under Pradhan Mantri Kisan Urja Suraksha evam Utthaan Mahabhiyan Yojna (PM KUSUM)Component of MNRE GoI in Petition no 1606/2020Pt-no-1606of2020UPNEDA-23-03-2021R1-pdf3242021111943AM.pdf2 
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