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Sr. NoDocument Name   
1Notice dated 19/01/18 for Petition u/s 86 (1) (c) & (f) of Electricity Act, 2003. And In the matter of exemption in Charging of Security Deposit under “Saubhagya Scheme”. in Petition no 1280/2018Nt-Pet-No-1280of2018[542]-pdf119201862633PM.pdf2 
2Order dated 19/01/18 for Approval of Supplementary PPA. in Petition no 1278/2018Pt-No-1278of2018dt12-01-18-pdf119201860901PM.pdf2 
3Order dated 17/01/18 for Filing of ARR for FY 2016-17 & 2017-18 and true-UP Petition for FY 2015-16.Suo-motoProcedding-pdf119201861554PM.pdf3 
4Order dated 12/01/18 for Approval of Supplementary PPA. in Petition no 1278/2018NoticePt-1278of2018,dt-12-01-2018-pdf112201860700PM.pdf2 
5Order dated 04/01/18 Shri Dayashankar Rai s/o Shri Madhuvan Rai, Village – Dumraoly Rajdhani Choora Choora, Gorakhpur Vs Executive Engineer, Electricity Distribution Division –I, Mohaddipur, Gorakhpur.DAYASHANKAR-docx182018114321AM.docx5 
6Order dated 03/01/18 for Under section 86(1)(f) and other relevant provisions of the Electricity Act, 2003 read with the provisions of PPA dated 10.12.2010, Energy Policy of the State Government and other relevant regulations. in Petition no 1258/2017, 1259/2017, 1260/2017, 1261/2017 and 1262/2017Pt1258,12591260,1261,and1262of2017orderdt-03-01-18-pdf142018123800PM.pdf2 
7Notice dated 02/01/18 for Denial/delay by Uttar Pradesh Power Transmission Corporation Ltd. (UPPTCL) in granting connectivity to the 220 kV Gharbara Substation and Greater Noida Power Co. Ltd. (NPCL) at 400 kV Greater Noida (Pali) Substation of UPPTCL. in Petition no 1020/2015Pt1020of2015orderdt-02-01-18-pdf13201863421PM.pdf2 
8Notice dated 02/01/18 for For denial / delay by UPPTCL in handling over the physical possession for teh 220 kv R.C. Green Substation at Greater Noida to NPCL. in Petition no 987/2014Nt-987of2014orderdt-03-1-18-pdf13201863109PM.pdf2 
9Notice dated 02/01/18 for In the matter of Transmission charges payable by the petitioner as a distribution licensee for utilizing the transmission network of UPPTCL of the State of Uttar Pradesh on short term from FY 2007-08 till October 2014. in Petition no 1134/2016Pt1134of2016orderdt-02-01-18-pdf13201863003PM.pdf2 
10Order dated 02/01/18 for Claim Under Section 67 (3,4,5) of the Electricity Act, 2003. in Petition no 1238/2017Pt1238of2017orderdt-02-01-18-pdf13201862500PM.pdf2 
11Order dated 28/12/17 for bill in not according to reading and charged excessamount. in Petition no 1273/2017OrderRamChandra-pdf11201865326PM.pdf2 
12Order dated 27/12/17 for Petition U/S 86(1)(b) and (f) r/w Other relevant provisions of the Electrification Act, 2003 and to adopt COD of 48 months etc. as claimed in the prayer of this petition. in Petition no 1226/2017Pt1226of2017orderdt-27-12-17-pdf12282017120843PM.pdf2 
13Order dated 27/12/17 for scheduling of bagasse based power at tariff as decided by the Commission and payment of outstanding bills. in Petition no 1265/2017Pt1265of2017orderdt-27-12-17-pdf12282017120630PM.pdf2 
14Order dated 26/12/17 Shri Rajneesh Mishra, C-201, Star Rameshwaram, Raj Nagar Extension, Ghaziabad Vs Executive Engineer, Electricity Urban Distribution Division – VII, Ghaziabad./2- Shri Goldee Gupta and Shri Nitin Gupta, Partners Star A.M.D. Realcon, 1010, Faiz Road, Karol Bagh, New Delhi-110005/3- Star A.M.D. Realcon (Builder), Shoprix Mall, First Floor, H.-1, Kaushambi, Ghaziabad-201010/4- Fresh Facility Management Services Pvt. Ltd. (Maintenance Agency), Faiz Road, Karol Bagh, New Delhi-110005/5- PVVNL through Superintending Engineer, Electricity Urban Distribution Zone – I, A-Block, Hydel Colony, Kavi Nagar, Ghaziabad./6- Capital Power System Ltd., B-40 Shaheed Arjun Sarona Marg, Near Telephone Exchange, Sector-4, Noida-201301 Rajneesh-docx1228201740604PM.docx5 
15Order dated 26/12/17 for Approval of power supply & Banking agreement with M/s Hindalco Industries Ltd. For Banking of Power situated at Renukoot, Sonebhadra in Petition no 1232/2017Pt1232of2017orderdt-26-12-17-pdf12272017124653PM.pdf2 
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