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Sr. NoDocument Name   
1Order dated 21/06/16 for approval of PPA for Rihand (6 x 50 MW), Obra 2 x 33 MW), Matatila (3 x10 MW), Khara (3 x 24 MW), Belka, Babail, Shitla and Upper Ganga Canal Hydro Power Stations Bhola ( 4 x 0.375 MW + 2 x 0.6 MW) Chitaura (2x 1.5 MW), Salawa (2 x 1.5 MW) in Petition no 965/2014965obrarihandPPA-pdf6272016110600AM.pdf2 
2Order dated 21/06/16 for Petition u/s 86(1)(c)&(f), 35 & 36 of EA, 2003 and Seeking Compliance of U.P. Electricity Grid Code,2007 by UP SLDC in Petition no 1070/2015RelianceMOD20062016-pdf622201610342PM.pdf2 
3Order dated 17/06/16 - In the matter of Review Petition No.1107/2016 for reviewing the Order dated March 29, 2016, of the Commission in Petition No. 952 of 2014 and 1092 of 2016 in the matter of Alaknanda Hydro Power Co. Ltd. AHPCLReviewOrder-17-6-16-pdf617201651045PM.pdf2 
4Order dated 16/06/16 for full payment of bills raised by the petitioner w.e.f. April,2007 in Petition no 1060/2015.1060-2015K-M-SugarMillsLtd-,dt-16-6-16-pdf6162016113539AM.pdf2 
5Order dated 15/06/16 for Complaint u/s 128 of EA, 2003 for investigation of the matter against the respondent conduct in Petition no 488/2007ParmarthIronOrderdt-15-6-16-pdf617201610358PM.pdf2 
6Order dated 09/06/16 for Suo-Moto Proceedings on the purchase of power from Power Exchange by UPPCL Suo-motoProceedigsonpowerpurchasefromIEX-pdf621201614218PM.pdf3 
7Order dated 09/06/16 for Approval of deviations in the SBD issued by the MoP, GoI, for 2800 MW base load power sourcing fuel from Coal India Ltd. in Petition no 1089/2016FOR-pdf614201633029PM.pdf2 
8Order dt 27/05/16 - Amendment No. 7 to the U.P. Electricity Supply Code, 2005Orderdt-27-5-16-SupplyCode7thAmendment-pdf527201640052PM.pdf128144
9Vacancy Notice Dated 24-05-2016 - For the Post of ELECTRICITY OMBUDSMAN [Last Date : 10-06-2016]ADVERTISMENTFORTHEPOSTOFELECTRICITYOMBUDSMAN-jpg527201650028PM.jpg  
10Public Hearings at Greater Noida/Lucknow/Aligarh - Notice Dated 27-04-2016 for ARR / Tariff for FY 2016-17 and True UPPublicHearingsforArrTariffforFY2016-17forWeb-zip532016110116AM.zip2 
11Uttar Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission (Mini-Grid Renewable Energy Generation and Supply Regulations) Regulation,2016 NotifiedUPERCMinigridregulations2016-pdf411201630132PM.pdf1480
12Order dt 06/04/16 Uttar Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission (Mini-Grid Renewable Energy Generation and Supply Regulations) Regulation,2016Orderdt-6-4--16-MiniGridRegulations2016-pdf46201674706PM.pdf148143
13Admittance Order dated 29/03/16 for Application for determination of Annual Revenue Requirement and Tariff for FY 2016-17 and True up of ARR for FY 2013-14 in the matter of UP State Discoms and UP Transco (Petition Nos. 1063 / 2015, 1064 / 2015, 1065 / 2015, 1066 / 2015, 1059 / 2015&1058 / 2015)AdmittanceOrder-StateLicensees-FY2016-17-pdf329201660752PM.pdf2 
14Admittance Order dated 29/03/16 for Approval of Annual Revenue Requirement and Determination of Tariff for the Financial Year 2016-17 and True-up for the Financial Year 2014-15 in the matter of NPCL in Petition no.1057/2015AdmittanceOrder-NPCL-FY2016-17-pdf329201660418PM.pdf2 
15Cost Data Book 2016 CostDataBook2016-pdf33201650733PM.pdf134142
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