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Sr. NoDocument Name   
1Notice dated 21/10/16 - In the matter of Rosa in Petition no 967/2014, 968/2014 and 1016/20153Notice967-968&1016-Rosa-docx1021201611423PM.docx2 
2Public Notice dated 20/10/16 for Adoption of tariff under Section 63 of the Electricity Act 2003 discovered through competitive bidding process as per the standard guidelines issued by the Central Government for procurement of solar power from grid connected solar PV projects in Petition no 1110/2016publicnotice22-11-2016-Pet-No-1110-16-docx10262016105946AM.docx2 
3Public Notice dated 20/10/16 for For approval of Supplementary Power Purchase Agreements (SPPAs), under MoU as per GoUP Energy Policy 2009PublicNoticeMoUforpublichearingon4-11-16-docx10212016115056AM.docx2 
4Order dated 20/10/16 for Implementation of Prepaid MeteringOrderdt-20-10-16-PrepaidMetering-docx1021201611750PM.docx3 
5Order Dated 20-10-2016 - Corrigendum of order dated 29.06.2016, Fixation of transmission tariff for dedicated transmission line constructed by Rosa Power Supply Company Ltd.ROSA TPP to PGCIL grid as per MOU signed between UPPCL and RPSCL in Petition no 837/2012CorrigendumOrderDt-20-10-16-Rosa-Pet-No-837-docx1021201612039PM.docx2 
6Order dated 19/10/16 for Approval of initialed draft Power Purchase Agreement entered into between Noida Power Company Ltd. (NPCL) and Dhariwal infrastructure Ltd. (DIL) under section 62 read with 86(1)(b) of the Electricity Act, 2003 in Petition no 1130/2016Order19-10-16-NPCLPET-NO-1130-16-pdf10212016113813AM.pdf2 
7Annual Report of 2015-16AnnualReport2015-16-rar10172016124352PM.rar  
8Order dated 07/10/16 for using existing transmission line for evacuating additional 5 MW capacity from upcoming 8 MW capacity at Babhnan Distt: Gonda in Petition no 1108/2016ordtdt-7-10-16-Pet-No-1108-2016Balrampurtransmissionlineissue-pdf1013201641542PM.pdf2 
9Order dated 07/10/16 - In the matter of Rosa Power MOD Order (In Petition Nos.1070/2015, 1120/2016 & 1121/2016)Orderdt-7-10-16-RPSCL_MOD-pdf10132016105931AM.pdf2 
10Suo-moto Order dated 07/10/16 in regard to non compliance of the Commission directions regarding additional charge by the Builder from the occupants. Order7-10-16-reg-additionalchargebybuiders-pdf107201643233PM.pdf3 
11Suo Moto Order dated 05/10/16 for Review of Performance of the Distribution Licenseeorderdt-5-10-16-rar1017201650456PM.rar3 
12Minutes of Meeting - Record note of discussion on the presentation dated September 6, 2016, made by Dr. Anoop Singh, Associate Professor IIT Kanpur, on MOD related issues arising out of the Petition No. 1070/ 2015 filed by RPSCL 1070/2015MODMinutesofMeetinginthematteof1070-2015-pdf107201643832PM.pdf2 
13Rosa Capital Cost Report submitted by UPPCLRosaCapitalCostReportsubmittedbyUPPCL-pdf1052016122924PM.pdf  
14Amendment No. 8 to the U.P. Electricity Supply Code, 2005SupplyCode8thAmendmentdt,21-9-16-docx926201650936PM.docx128146
15Amendment No.1 to Cost Data Book 2016 (Addendum to the Annexure - 27 of the Cost Data Book)Addundum_to_Cost_Data_Book21-09-16-pdf926201634644PM.pdf134145
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