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Sr. NoDocument Name   
1Order dated 20/06/17 for Payments of bills for the month of April, May & July, 2011 in the matter of Dhampur Sugar in Petition no 1052/20151052-2015DhampurSugarMills--doc621201735447PM.doc2 
2Order dated 20/06/17 for Review of the Commission order dated 02.01.2017 in petition on 1135 of 2016 in the matter of M/s Dwarikesh Sugar Industries Ltd. in Petition no 1167/20171167-2017DwarikeshSugarIndustriesLtd-,-doc621201735556PM.doc2 
3Order dated 19/06/17 for Extension of provisional tariff w.e.f. 01-04-2017 which was determined for FY 2016-17 in Petition no 1186/2017AHPCL1186of2017-docx6202017103831AM.docx2 
4Order dated 19/06/17 for Approval of revised CoD, increased IDC and revised tariff in Petition no 1028/20150rderUPPCLPryagraj-docx6202017104054AM.docx2 
5Order dated 16-06-2017 - Corigendum No.3 - Amendment in Chapter 1 of Cost Data Book In the Matter of providing installment facility to rural and urban domestic consumersorderdated16-6-2016-corrigendumno-3costdatabook-pdf622201744134PM.pdf134149
6Order dated 16/06/17 Suo-moto Proceedings for Implementation of Prepaid MeteringOrderPrePaidMetering-docx6192017104533AM.docx3 
7Order dated 01/06/17 for Seeking permission to establish 5 MW rooftop solar plants under RSVP Regulations in Petition no 1192/20171192-2017OrdianceFactoryKanpur-doc61201731551PM.doc2 
8Order dated 31/05/17 for Review Petition for seeking exemption of Petition No. 1136 of 2016 for allow signing of bagasse bassed PPA in the matter of UP State Sugar Coporation Ltd. in Petition no 1180/20171180-2017UPStateSugarCorporationLtd-,03-05-2017-doc612017105037AM.doc2 
9Order dated 30/05/17 for approval of scheme and additional capitalization of capital assets for Parichha 2X250 MW & 2X210 MW & Harduaganj 2X250 MW in Petition no 1143/20161143-2016UPRajayVidyutUtpadanNigamLtd-,03-05-2017-doc531201753256PM.doc2 
10Order dated 30/05/17 for Bagasse based PPA for the plant located at Biswan Sitapur in Petition no 1159/20171159-2017SaksariaBiswanSugarFactoryLtd-,03-05-2017-doc531201753838PM.doc2 
11Order dated 30/05/17 for Bagasse based PPA for the plant located at Biswan Sitapur in Petition no 1159/20171159-2017SaksariaBiswanSugarFactoryLtd-,03-05-2017-doc531201753444PM.doc2 
12Order dated 30/05/17 for Approval of Biomass based PPA in Petition no 1160/20171160-2017UsherEcoPowerLtd-03-05-2017-doc531201753903PM.doc2 
13Order dated 30/05/17 for Approval of bagasse based PPA. in Petition no 1161/20171161-2017DSCLSugar(Ajbapur)03-05-2017-doc531201753950PM.doc2 
14Order dated 30/05/17 for Approval of PPA for Jawaharpur TPS (2X660 MW) in Petition no 1163/20171163-2017JawaharpurVidyutUtpadanNigamLtd-,03-05-2017-doc531201754131PM.doc2 
15Order dated 30/05/17 for Review of the Commission order dated 02.01.2017 in petition on 1135 of 2016 in the matter of Dwarikesh in Petition no 1167/20171167-2017DwarikeshSugarIndustriesLtd-,03-05-2017-doc531201754420PM.doc2 
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